What you need to know:

-the dates: march 26th and 27th, 2011
-the place: decorah, iowa
-the plan: ride a gravel century saturday followed by a gravel metric sunday
-the reason: i prefer company while training for spring gravel racing
-who's invited: anyone that gets it
-lodging: free to the first 8 that register
-registration: send me an email at springtrainingdecorah@hotmail.com
-what to bring: every cycling related thing you own and a willingness to suffer
-food: far less organized this year...we'll figure it out

Monday, January 25, 2010

saturday century

this is the first version of the route for saturday's century. still need to drive/ride it ahead of time to make sure its all in good shape/rideable. couple of things to note...refueling stops are at the sattre store (more info on this place later) around 35 miles and in ossian around 85 miles and total mileage will be around 105. around mile 50 you will backtrack on a road for about a quarter mile. i don't like the idea of having us do this because of possibility of confusing riders but as of right now its my best option. just pay attention to what you're doing and on the off chance you meet someone make sure you understand the route. also, at about the 100 mile mark you will be riding the shoulder of highway 9 for about a quarter mile. this is just outside of town and its something we do a lot as its part of a common gravel route. the shoulder is huge there and its possible to stay well out of harms way until you're ready to cross the highway. only problem will be mental fatigue that far in. don't be stupid.


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